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But what they do at United is they don’t go overboard officially about players, they keep it in house and under wraps. But they will now they’ve got a special young talent in their hands without a doubt.
Shola is an unbelievable young talent with fantastic ability. Great pace, great movement. He made his debut this week for the U23s having goedkope Athletic Bilbao Shirt just turned 16. . He’s not the biggest but he’s powerful and I know the people at United are excited.
I’ve watched Shola Shoretire when my son Bobby has been down at the academy at Newcastle and played against Man Utd in the years above.
Matty, every player in fact, goedkope LOSC Lille Shirt must surely be going into training at the moment with the place absolutely bouncing. It must be electric, the camaraderie and the fun they must be having when they get down to work. . The training must be intense because there are players there a little bit angry, not in the team, wanting to have a bit of a niggle and it will give training a bit of an edge. And what happens then is training becomes just like a match. The manager doesn’t even have to ask for that intensity because the players make that intensity themselves, the players outside the team have a bit of a gripe and want to show the manager, while the other lads who are in the team have goedkope PSG Shirt got the mentality of ‘well I’ve got the shirt at the moment and I’m going to keep it’..

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