The case for Israel reoccupying the Gaza strip

Today, the idea of Israel reoccupying the Gaza strip is not popular among people in the left wing – who views it as an illegitimate occupation, and amongst the right, who views it as an unnecessary war with many Israeli deaths, compared to the low amount of deaths in the status quo of having short-term operations every few years. However, I want to suggest that reoccupation might be the best option for both Palestinians and Israelis.

More chance to peace

If we want to be realistic – there is no chance for peace when Hamas is an active leader of the palestinians. Hamas has stated many times that peace with Israel is out of the equation, and clearly put in it’s Covenant that Israel should not exist. Just to be clear, all of the peace attempts between Israel and the Palestinians were only between Israel and the PLO, which is much more moderate – yet the differences were too big – so it’s safe to say that even if Hamas is not as radical as they clearly say they are – the differences will still be too big for lasting peace. Knowing that a peace process between Israel and the Palestinians in Gaza will never happen – reduces the incentives of both PLO and Israel to try to put any effort in negotiations. 

It is worth mentioning that Hamas and the PLO became enemies, and the chance of a united Palestinians front looks very low.

Removing Hamas from the equation will create more incentives to begin a peace process, and if at some point in time the leaders of both sides happen to be brave enough to really go for it – for it to actually happen.

Better life to the Palestinians in Gaza

If we look at the Palestinians perspective – the state of affairs in the west bank is much better compared to the strip. The main reasons for that, is specifically Hamas and his attitude towards Israel. Because of it’s very militant approach, periodic wars with Israel and the blockade that no Israeli politician will permanently lift – the strip will never truly develop.

The unemployment rate in Gaza is 49%, compared with 15% in the west bank, with many of the Palestinians in the west bank working inside of Israel. The poverty rate in the strip is twice as big compared to the west bank. Less chance for war with Israel can help to create a less stressful life.  

Removing Hamas from the equation will indeed be violent and long, but in the long term the Palestinians might have a better life compared to the alternative.

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