Freedom of education is a form of oppression

Freedom of education means that parents can choose how their kids’ education system will look like. People who believe in liberalism, often support such policies. I believe that in many cases, this policy leads to oppression of kids.

In the first years of schooling, kids are being “oppressed”, no matter what the education system is. When I write “oppressed”, I don’t mean that kids necessarily suffer, but I mean that their lives are going to be highly influenced by the things they are being taught, and a very limited option to resist this force is being given to them.

At the moment a person is being taught something, it will be very challenging to change his views about this topic. The main reason is biases such as confirmation bias that leads people to ignore evidence that contradicts what they were taught, and to gather evidence that supports what they were previously taught. The whole identity of a person – that will affect his life in a very broad sense – whether he is liberal, conservative, religious, secular and so on – is hardly being chosen with the freedom of choice we believe in, but a direct consequence of the education given to our kids. This is why most educational systems are basically a form of oppression.

The only “liberal” policy that supports freedom of choice – is a school that is built around this ideal. A policy in which kids are being sent to an educational system that teaches them that they are entitled to freedom of choice, rationality, decision making and the necessary evidence about the world in order to make an informative decision.

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