Using co-Logos will increase your writing and reading skills

By using co-Logos extensively, you will improve your writing and reading skills.


People who practice debate improve themselves mainly by using feedback. After each debate session, a judge is giving feedback for each debater. Using this feedback, debaters practice the way they build their arguments in order to be more persuasive, from one debate session to another. One of the known rules of debate is that you shouldn’t blame the judge for his call – you need to effectively convince every type of judge you get.

By writing a big amount of posts in co-Logos platform, you will get as much feedback as needed to improve. Using this feedback, you can know what you can focus on in order to be more persuasive.

Getting a low score in “Engagement”, will mean you need to focus on answering relevant arguments, and avoid falling to the straw man fallacy.  Getting a low score on clarity, will mean that you have a tendency to explain yourself in a way that is inaccessible to the average reader. Getting a low on score on Respectful, will mean many people will look for reasons to avoid your arguments after their ego has been attacked, and you mainly convince the already convinced.  Getting a low score on Referenced-Backed, might mean you should use more references and real examples to make your arguments more persuasive.


Another way debaters improve their skills is by being judges themselves. By judging others, they understand more deeply the “listener side” and the things that make themselves less persuasive. By ranking many posts, you can pay attention to when someone is not engaging the relevant arguments, when someone is not clear and so on. You can also use other people’s ranking in order to validate your thoughts.

In summary, write and rank as much as you can, and it will help you be more persuasive in your own life.

EngagementGrade: 100%Total votes: 4
ClarityGrade: 100%Total votes: 4
RespectfulGrade: 100%Total votes: 4
Referenced-backedGrade: 100%Total votes: 4
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