co-Logos will be a more engaging community than other social platforms

The following is a short list reasons why other social media platforms are deepening divides in our societies, and the way co-Logos will go about changing that:

Diverse chamber

Because in many cases the feed of other social media platforms is mostly based on people the users chose to put in their own circle of friends or people they decided to follow, and because in most cases people choose friends and pages that share the same belief system, most platforms act as echo chambers and users are less likely to engage with topics that challenge their viewpoint. On top of that, social media platforms have incentives to show users content they agree with, so they will stay on the feed longer. co-Logos shows posts mainly by their quality and is open to everyone that chose to join a group. This increases the chances of viewing challenging but convincing content.

Elaborate ranking system

Other social media platforms extensively use the “like” button. This implies that the user should “upvote” a post or comment if he “likes” it. In many cases, it is used as a way to say: “I think it’s funny” or “I agree with you”. Many prefer people not to spend a long time explaining their ideas in detail. Hence, they are incentivised to write low quality posts and comments. Writing something “funny” or “neutral” is an effective way to get likes. co-Logos replaces the Like option with a more elaborate system of ranking, that incentivises users to explain their ideas in a convincingengagingrespectful and referenced-backed manner.

Keep the abusers out

People who seek to abuse and troll are a consistent part of many social media platforms. If our goal is to help people engage with different ideas, then an abuser might be simply someone who disregards a valid argument without engaging it directly or being disrespectful to others. Such people will not be a part of the co-Logos community. This is because low quality posts will not be prioritized and people who constantly produce low quality posts and comments will be blocked from the platform.

Allow Privacy when preferred

Because in many cases our social platform includes people who influence our life, such as work, family, close friends and more, in many cases we will prefer to not show our point of view or our misunderstandings because of the visibility of our posts to everyone. In co-Logos, there will be an option to post in incognito mode which will allow everyone to share their most private opinions.


As explained above, there are many incentives that might influence us to write short and low quality posts and be less active than we want in an engaging community. co-Logos adds gaming elements to increase our motivation to write high quality posts, such as achievements and scoreboard for general debating quality.

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RespectfulGrade: 100%Total votes: 3
Referenced-backedGrade: 66%Total votes: 3
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